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Design process at JohnsonStyle

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

Our motto is to offer thoughtfully designed furniture - style, function, and quality are a must.

The world is unpredictable, and our living conditions are subject to constant change. Change creates new needs. We constantly search for human needs of style or function that are not addressed yet.

Thoughtful design

The combination of style, quality, and function is a must to justify the creation of a new model. Furniture are designed to address everyday human needs; they reflect our lifestyle choice and the space we live in


Multifunctional or simply functional furniture is desirable to urban living dwellers. We understand the need for additional sleeping functions in sofas or sectionals and the need for storage space in almost all types of furniture, from sofas to beds.

Quality control

Johnsonstyle controls entire processes from planning, design, tru product development, production, and packaging to distribution. Local production allows us to offer international safety and quality requirements.

Our 3-level quality control system includes first quality verification by an upholsterer, second by a shift

manager, and third by an independent quality manager who inspects the production plant every day.

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